What’s New in WordPress 5.8?

The release of WordPress 5.8 Tatum was historic. Aside from Full Site Editing, WordPress 5.8 brings a slew of new features and improvements to the CMS. WP 5.8 introduces a new way of building websites, in addition to a slew of new WordPress themes, features, enhancements, and bug fixes. WebP format support is an important new feature for users who are concerned about the performance of their websites. Developers will appreciate the removal of Internet Explorer 11 from the list of supported browsers, the new theme. Block configuration and design mechanism based on json, improved block registration system based on block.json and many API improvements that have come in the second release of WordPress from 2021. Look at the new characteristics

WordPress 5.8 has complete functionality of site editing now

The objective of Full Site Editing is to provide a number of functions and tools to allow WordPress users to create a whole website with blocks. Instead of a full and nuanced user experience the focus now is on open public beta in WordPress 5:8. We can create any element on this page using a number of blocks with Full Site Editing.The Template Editing Mode and the corresponding Theme Blocks available in that mode are the closest things to Site Editing in WordPress 5.8.

Editing Mode for Templates

Template Editing Mode allows you to use blocks to create post/page templates. It’s a great way to simplify site creation by allowing users to access several site editing features from outside the site editor interface while learning how to work with blocks. Customizing themes in WordPress is easier with wordpress theme update. You no longer need to create a child theme to create custom templates.
With WordPress 5.8, Template Editing is no longer limited to block themes; you can now use it with classic WordPress themes as well, though you must opt-in to use it with classic themes. This is also useful for users who don’t use block-based themes but want to create and edit templates directly from the block editor’s interface.
In Template Editing Mode, you can use all of the available blocks to create your templates. Switch back to Post Editing mode and save the template separately from the post/page content once you’re satisfied with your changes. Users will no longer require developer skills to have complete control over the layout and overall appearance of the website.

The Query Loop Block

Site owners and admins can now create lists of posts and CPTs without writing complex code or hiring a developer, at least in the most common use cases, thanks to the introduction of the Query Loop block in WordPress Core.
In a nutshell, it performs the same functions as the WordPress Loop, but in the block editor’s visual context. The Query Loop block runs a query over the WordPress database based on the user’s settings, loops through each retrieved post, and displays the results on the page. Selecting the Query Loop block once it’s in place will bring up the block settings sidebar, where you can build your query. You can customize the query arguments or inherit the query from the URL.The Query Loop block is an extremely useful tool for site owners who want to create highly customized lists of posts and custom post types.

Persistent List View in the Post Editor

The ListView is now available in a sidebar in the Post Editor with WordPress 5.8, allowing users to navigate the block tree more quickly and precisely. When you click on a list item in the ListView, the focus is moved to the corresponding block in the Post Editor canvas.
Finally, when you add an anchor to a block, it will appear in the list view next to the corresponding item. Navigating complex documents should be a lot easier now that the ListView has been improved.

Reusable Blocks Improvements

Following is a quick list of reusable block improvements that users will notice after upgrading to wordpress update 5.8:

  • A modal now appears when creating a reusable block, allowing users to name the block.
  • The name of the reusable block appears in the block toolbar, navigation list, and breadcrumbs.
  • Reusable blocks are now outlined when a child block is selected. This is a significant improvement in usability because it makes it easier to recognize the parent block and its content.
  • The block name can now be changed in the sidebar inspector.

Final Words
WordPress 5.8 is a significant wordpress update toward Full Site Editing. The block editor has been greatly improved, and there is a new WordPress theme for users and developers to enjoy. json mechanism, a more powerful Block API, support for the WebP image format, and a lot more. With Jthemes, you can save time, money, and improve the performance of your website. Get immediate assistance from the WordPress hosting experts at Jthemes