7 Best WordPress App Landing Themes in 2021-22

In today’s market, customers are driven towards the functionality and visual appeal of an object. So be it a virtual platform or a physical product, what assures them the confidence of efficiency will attract them. And if you are creating an application, you should definitely remember that.

Mobile and web-based applications make up for the biggest and most competitive market in the digital world. Therefore, you need to make your product stand out from the competition so that you can attract a desirable amount of customers.

To help you create the best app landing page, we have selected the 7 best WordPress app landing themes that will definitely help you give a better edge over your competitors.

1. Novaro

Built with the WPBakery Page Builder, Novaro is a highly customizable WordPress app landing theme that helps you create a multi-layered application. It can help you incorporate all the multi-faceted elements of your application and create a more interactive interface between them.

With Bootstrap 4.4.1 providing a responsive and strong framework, Novaro provides you a safe and secured framework where you can quickly access the data and communicate within groups. In addition, the well-organized hierarchy of the theme allows it to deliver high-speed performance and fast page loading time.

Novaro offers more than 60 exclusive UI block sections to choose from that allow you to design the flow of your application. It provides you more than 15 home page themes and allows you to create more than 12 additional inner pages.  Furthermore, it also helps you perform SEO optimization on your application content.

2. xSmart

Providing you with a wide range of designing features, xSmart is a landing theme that is quite popular for its responsiveness. It instinctively adjusts and recalibrates your applications’ design to fit any device. This way, you can make sure that your application looks great on all devices.

xSmart is made with a drag and drops page builder that allows anyone to create a website, whether or not they have a basic understanding of coding. It also provides a wide range of free plugins that can make your application more efficient and productive. The landing theme comes with 12 pre-made demo pages and allows you to add more than 15 additional inner pages.

Some of the unique elements that make xSmart so special include 200+ PNG icons, 630+ Font Awesome Icons, unlimited color presets, cross-browser compatibility, and lots more.

3. NextApp

NextApp is a responsive, modern, and productive WordPress landing theme that pays attention to each detail of your application. Its elegant and eye-pleasing interface allows you to add multiple features without making them seem cluttered or out of place.

Allowing you a wide range of options to run any kind of business, NextApp is also embedded with Woocommerce Plugins. This allows you to create a fully functional and high-capacity eCommerce application without any hassle. Furthermore, the WPBakery Page Builder makes it extremely easy for you to create, manage, and update your application whenever you want. The wide range of inbuilt features on this landing theme allows you to customize and enhance your application over time and make it more appealing to your target audience.

NextApp provides you more than 60 UI design blocks that allow you to create your desired user interface. They also provide you 20 pre-made demos that cover a wide range of possibilities and functionalities. These demos come with eight additional inner pages that are crafted to show the multifaceted features of your application.

4. XooApp

Want to give your application a more creative and modern design? XooApp is the right choice for you. With its ingenious interface features and elegant visual appeal, XooApp can help you give that contemporary touch to your application that can attract your target audience. Not only is it visually appealing, it also has numerous functionality boosts that can make your task a lot easier.

XooApp uses a broad palette of color tones that can be customized whenever you want. In addition, it provides a fully responsive and retina-ready layout which makes sure that all the essential elements of your application pop out. A unique aspect of this landing theme is its ingenious app screen slider which allows your user to browse through multiple pages with just a swipe easily. It also allows you to use full-screen images on your showcase page.

Built with Elementor Page Builder, you can easily develop your website and customize it according to your needs. XooApp provides you around 12 fully developed and ready-to-use demos. In addition, you can add FAQ sections, blog sections, video sections, and many other sections as per your needs.

5. Appset

Giving your application a whole new level of flexibility and creativity, Appset is one of the best app landing themes that are available in the market. Not only does it increase the efficiency of your application, it also allows you to add multiple project pages to add dynamics and versatility to your brand image. In addition, it provides a fully responsive application that can adapt to whichever device it is opened in.

The modular design of the theme makes it extremely easy to manage and alter the application whenever you want to. It comes with a wide range of exciting features that can add to your functionality and productivity. You can also manage your media content, across various platforms, with the help of Appset.

Appset comes with a collection of 12 stunning demo layouts that can be easily customized and reframed as per your needs. So, even without any knowledge of coding, you can easily manage and edit the application. It also provides 6 amazing inner pages that can execute numerous tasks and add to the appeal of your application.

6. Appon  

Providing you with tons of options to create the desired aesthetics of your application, App on is a highly responsive app landing theme that can accentuate the visual appeal of your application.

The darg and drop layout of App on makes it extremely easy for you to create, manage, and edit the application. Furthermore, you can customize each aspect of the application as per your desire.

One of the most stunning features if App on is its Light and Dark mode, which allows you to add a whole new level of aesthetics to the application. You can add depth with the dark mode and give a more light-hearted appeal with the light mode. On top of that, the animation and graphics in its interface make it a whole lot better.

App on comes with more than 30 different demo stencils to choose from that have additional inner pages. It also comes with three different menu options to choose from that can suit your application.

7. Sapp

Sapp is the most elegant and versatile WordPress theme that you can use to create your application. It allows you to create an enthralling and captivating landing page, whether for a mobile or desktop application. You can create an application that can perfectly represent your company’s vibrance and diversity.

Sapp gives you the possibility of customizing various elements of the landing page. This way, you can make the important elements of your application stand out and attract our user’s attention. It also allows you to easily incorporate textual content on the landing page, boosting your application’s rank in the search engines.

With its minimalistic design and elegant user experience, you can easily enhance the appeal of your application without making it visually loud. Sapp comes with 6 pre-made demo home styles, which can contain more than 14 additional inner pages. It also provides comfortable user navigation and a masonry grid format that adds to the user experience.


With these 7 fantastic WordPress app landing themes, you can give the desired appeal to your application and give it your unique touch. By choosing the right theme for your application, you can not only attract your target audience, but can also relay your information and brand value efficiently.

These landing themes will ensure that your application stands out from the densely competitive market and flourishes your business.