6 Best WordPress Themes for Makeup Artists 2022

Themes make it easier for professionals to create a charming website for themselves. From the portfolio page to the home section to about me, services, everything can be found in such themes.

If you’re a make-up artist and are looking for the best WordPress themes then you are at the right place. With these themes, you can start your website with great graphics in no time and yes, without coding.

Flexibility with WordPress themes is commendable. You can easily customize these themes according to you. Let’s get right into it.


This theme is optimized for the makeup and beauty niche. It has four original demos. There are different pages suitable for your needs as a makeup artist. Each page has its own demo. This makes it easier for you to analyze if it is a good fit for your needs.

Among all the beautiful and enchanting WordPress make-up themes, this is one of a kind. There is an option of a portfolio gallery where you can showcase your previous works by adding photos and videos. You will of course get a lot of control over how your website will look after it’s made.


This theme is ideal for beauty bloggers, make-up artists, and beauty experts. If you have in your mind that you want to publish content related to beauty, then the cosmetista theme has already done half of the job for you.

It supports various content types—Videos, Blog Posts, Reviews.

You have this extra section called review, so you can publish your views or opinions about certain beauty products. If you want to publish tutorials then you can do them in video format or as blog posts too.

It supports eCommerce too and has integration with plugins like woocommerce. So, you can set up your own store too.


This is a theme with various purposes to fulfill. It is stylish and captures people’s attention fast. You can get clients with your website as it’s optimized for it. It has a header section that showcases your services along with the rates.

The contact page will help them contact you for their needs. It has a demo for the theme of makeup artists. The homepage already possesses a lot of features to attract clients. All these templates are high standard and can be easily edited.


For make-up artists as well as bloggers, this theme—Dalia is a perfect fit. It’s a wellness and cosmetics theme. It provides a makeup artist demo that is suitable for artists. You can easily showcase your skills by adding various images.

There are placeholders on the website and the homepage has several features for promoting your services. With multiple column layouts, Dalia has various portfolio templates. The default one is also good.


If your choices are elegant then the Divi theme is for you. It has a trendy makeup artist demo too. It makes it easier for you to introduce yourself to prospective customers. Templates just for make-up artists are jaw-dropping with features suitable to the artist’s needs.

The services and landing pages can be merged and put on the homepage. Easier for clients to know about you. The customers can click on each page and know about your services in detail.

When they think they are interested in your services and want to get in touch with you, then they can visit the contact page. Also, there is an online form available for easier contact.

Divi has several different purposes and offers various websites kits besides the make-up artist kit, a lot of them focusing on the beauty industry. So, you can choose more templates from here and edit them on your website.

It has a leads feature too which will help you create awareness about your make-up artist business through optimization.


Search engine optimization is this theme’s specialty. It is a go-to thing for make-up artists, beauty salons, and fashion stylists.

The make-up artists’ website demos it offers are two purpose-built.

One focuses on portfolio and the other on the promotion of your services online. The other six that come along with Sana can be edited and customized to be added to your website too.

 You can personalize anything from your WordPress dashboard itself. With some drag-and-drop features in the premium WordPress, you can make the process of building your make-up artist website code-free and easy.

Sana can be used on any device just like all the other WordPress make-up artist themes above.

If you’re looking for some amazing themes that will produce the desired results, then you can check out Jthemes. They have plenty of WordPress themes suitable for everyone. All of them are customizable, edited easily, and have demos. Check their testimonials and the services they offer to get a detailed idea.