10 Best Food Delivery WordPress Themes 2022

This is the age of digitalization and we have everything available at our fingertips. Because of our busy lives and daily hustles, it becomes extremely difficult to manage household chores—especially cooking at home. There is no time for going out to dine in restaurants either.

This has pushed people to visit food websites or restaurant websites to order food online. So, this is becoming the new norm and for a food business to thrive in this cutthroat digital competition, it is a must to have their digital or online presence.

Ordering food online is convenient and this has doubled the global revenue of online food delivery systems since 2017. And this is expected to increase and reach almost 97 billion U.S. Dollars in revenue worldwide. The current revenue is 70.74 billion U.S. dollars.

So, for a small food business to survive this competition, they will have to have an online presence and the job is not done yet. They must have the facility to deliver food online with ease.

If you own a food business, then do build your website with a food WordPress theme. WordPress is the best choice for building a website as it has amazing, helpful features and plugins. If you own a restaurant, then build your website, show up, and save your business from drowning in the long run.

While building your website, you have to give importance to the theme you choose, because it has a major impact on your potential customers. If someone landed on your website and found the aesthetic of your website dull, then they will probably back off and keep on scrolling.

With a calm mind, explore the options and then decide which theme would suit you best. Make sure to know what features you are exactly looking for. If you find yourself confused, then we have got you covered with the best food delivery WordPress themes.


This theme has multiple demos suitable for food courts, restaurants, delivery. It is versatile and if you select the demo- food stop, then you can list many food courts, restaurants, and food outlets on your website. Visitors can choose to order from any of these.

Fooddy 24/7

Best theme for restaurants and multi-food delivery services. The two homepages can be set up according to your needs and have pre-built useful content to attract visitors to your website. There are blog and gallery templates to publish any news or announcements.

It is built with a delivery date plugin to manage deliveries.


No matter what you’re delivering in food stuff, be it pizza, burger, or anything this theme will work for you. The features support combo products, add-ons, and can be customized. It has great support for handling payments. Visitors can get push notifications.


Looks minimalistic and elegant, is modern, and aims at healthy food delivery services. It is easy to adjust, can be easily tweaked, has its own page builder tool. Easy for someone looking to offer weekly food packages, meal plans. Supports multi-day food delivery, nutrition services too.

Meals & Wheels

Easy to display details of your food items. It’s easy to edit and fast food and food truck deliveries will benefit the most from this theme.

Can display your menus attractively and is easy to read. Can showcase your best items on the slider. Integration features of social media make it easy to display content from there.


This theme has the main demo that will help you launch a website for burgers quickly and is best suited for fast food delivery services.

With the page builder plugin, you can alter the site if you want to sell other products, and is easily editable. Has opening hours selection, menu option, Instagram section to display content from there.


This theme, like Madang, is suitable for healthy food delivery services. It’s a fit even if you’re offering subscription service, deliveries. It has a clean and minimal style as it focuses on health. You can use templates to share recipes, details, healthy eating tips, etc.

Grand Restaurant

With 15 demos to create restaurant WordPress websites, this is a perfect fit for anybody in the food business. The templates suit all kinds of food varieties you offer. You can add as many products as you need to your website because of the woocommerce plugin it has. Has a feature of accepting in-person bookings too.


Give an inviting look to your site. Has features for restaurant websites, with 10 demos. Has many templates and plugins that help you manage—orders, reservations, transactions. Possesses a food-friendly aura.

These are some of the best food delivery WordPress themes suitable for most food businesses. Do checkout Jthemes to buy such amazing themes and make your website attractive.